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The news letter is available to non members also.  Just complete and send the application.  The Turtle Newsletter of Maine (TIN) is published once each quarter.


As we have no annual dues, this is one of the ways that we
have opted to raise money to help support the Métis of Maine.
We have a lot of members that reside outside of Maine and members who reside in Maine that are unable to attend meetings and to help at our annual Pow-wow.


It also lets you know what is happening throughout the year.

The annual fee for the Turtle Newsletter of Maine is $15.00.

If you would like a subscription please fill out the application below and return with a check or money order made payable to Métis of Maine to the application address.

You can also receive the TIN via email if you want to.  Please provide your email address on the application.

Click for application.                    

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