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We as an Indian (Métis) tribal Council are resolving to carry on our Indian heritage and enable our future generations to continue our traditional and spiritual culture.

We will educate people in the Medicine Wheel way, which teaches harmony between the cultures and we will continue to teach our people (band members) to respect these ways.

We will establish communication with all members of government, state and federal and we will teach our people to continue to have a good rapport with these entities.

We will establish programs to ensure that our tribal members live at an elevated social standard, that our elders again gain their importance, that our women gain their respect and that the young people learn respect.

We will establish and show that Indian (Métis) have lived in this (YORK COUNTY) area as members of a community, working and living as a community.

We will enact guidelines and establish proof of North Eastern Woodland Indian heritage with each member of our Métis tribe and also accept any Indigenous mixed blood person who resides in the North Eastern Woodland area and who shows proof of mixed blood lines.

We will also accept any mixed blood people who have North Eastern Indian heritage regardless of what state they reside in. (North Eastern Woodland Indian area in this mission statement covers all of New England, New York and Maritime provinces of Canada.)

We will also direct inquiries of other Métis from other areas who do not meet the criteria above to a Métis group closest to them as possible.

We as an Indian community will ensure our peoples security and we will ensure that all treaties, past and present are respected and adhered to.

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