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Steve "Two Owls" Belanger, Grand Chief 1-207-838-1956


Doug "Black Wolf" Bordeaux, First Chief 1-207-727-7729

Treasurer: Ralph "Gray Otter" Bedard

Secretary: Will LaViolette

Volunteer Librarian
Denise "Gentle Waters" Bordeaux

Volunteer Web Masters/Designers
Steve "Two Owls" Belanger
Doug "Black Wolf" Bordeaux


Grand Council of Elders

Denise "Gentle Waters" Bordeaux (Chairperson)

John "Red Heart Spirit Bear" Deschene
Rob "Wind Spirit" Sirois
Rose "Wisdom Dancer" Sirois

Sharon Collins
Robert "Standing Owl" Sirois: Alternate

Denny Corriveau:  Alternate


Grand Council

Roaming Buffalo Wabanaki (Chairperson)

Mary Ann "Shy Hawk" Belanger

Dwight "Two Shadows" Davis

Storm "Two Spirits" Hendrickson: Alternate

 Traders:   Please contact Mary Ann at 1-207-252-4119 or Denise at 1-207-727-7729 if you are interested in trading at our June or August POW WOWs.  Thank you for considering participating at our Pow Wows.  Trader Application in PDF below.

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