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We are the Métis Eastern Tribal Indian Society of Maine.

Métis are mixed blood people with aboriginal
(First Nations) ancestry. We are one band of
Métis people located in the North East USA,
including but not limited to the state of Maine.  

The word "Métis" is French and is most often associated with people of mixed Aboriginal/French ancestry, but, historically includes people of aboriginal and all non-aboriginal ancestry.

The Métis of Maine may include anyone with First Nations ancestry, and ancestry from any other part of the world.

*** Thank all of you listed below for a great August Pow Wow.  The Creator for two great days, The Public that attended, Split Feather Singers (host drum), Flute/Guitar music - Dail "Dragonfly" Martin, Storyteller - Ada "Many Spirits" Sirois, Metis MC - Ralph "Gray Otter" Bedard, the Metis Members that helped with setup and taking down of the Pow Wow grounds, the Metis Members that worked at our booths.  Additional thank you to the Traders for their support.  You all helped make it a success.  Thanks again !!!!!!!! ***


Remember to submit any nomination paperwork for

members, for the January Election per the By-Laws. We have several openings.


***Thank you to Rose, Bob, Ada, Rob, Denise and Doug for doing the Metis Booth at the Hollis Community Day.  The raffle made $62.00 for the Metis.  Mary Ann donated Dream Catchers - the kids loved them - Thank You.***

                                                   ***ATTENTION MEMBERS*

***The work days to get ready for Pow Wow Season were on May 20,2023 at 1000am and May 21,2023 after the regular meeting. Thank you to Will, Rob, Rose, Bob, Ralph, Brenda, Joanna, Roaming, Storm, Sharon, Denise, Mary Ann, Steve and Doug for all your help***

At the January 2023 Meeting the members present voted to resume the Feast (Pot Luck) after the meetings starting in February 2023.  Please feel free to bring an item for it.   See you at the next meeting.


   At the present time we plan on holding the October 15, 2023 meeting at the Yellow Feather Cultural Center.  The wearing of "MASKS is Recommended".  Please consider your health and safety before you decide to attend.  If we hear any changes from the State of Maine and in CDC Guidance we will notify our members on this website and Facebook.


The health of our Metis members, the public and other Native Americans is very important to everyone.  Please stay healthy and safe during these trying times.



                                                  *****ATTENTION TRADERS*****

Please contact Mary Ann at 1-207-252-4119 or Denise at 1-207-727-7729 if you are interested in trading at our June or August POW WOWs.  Thank you for considering participating at our Pow Wows.  See "Contacts" for a Trader Application.



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