We are the Métis Eastern Tribal Indian Society of Maine.

Métis are mixed blood people with aboriginal
(First Nations) ancestry. We are one band of
Métis people located in the North East USA,
including but not limited to the state of Maine.  

The word "Métis" is French and is most often associated with people of mixed Aboriginal/French ancestry, but, historically includes people of aboriginal and all non-aboriginal ancestry.

The Métis of Maine may include anyone with First Nations ancestry, and ancestry from any other part of the world.

                                                   ***ATTENTION MEMBERS***


The Pow Wow for August 22nd & 23rd has been cancelled do to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the State of Maine Social Distancing Requirements along with Federal Government CDC Guidance.


We will update the Website and Facebook on the status of fall meetings as Maine works its way thru the new social distance requirements.   Additionally we will keep you updated on the Metis status and a possible work day prior to winter coming.  Hopefully we can have a September Meeting.


The health of our Metis members, the public and other Native Americans is very important to everyone.  Please stay healthy and safe during these trying times.


                                                  *****ATTENTION TRADERS*****

Please contact Wendy Anderson at 1-207-793-0095 (home) or 1-207-274-4784 (cell) or andersonwendy19@gmail.com if you are interested in trading at our June or August POW WOWs.  Thank you for considering participating at our Pow Wows.


                                      See you at the next meeting and 2021 Pow Wows.